Bomas of Kenya

According to google.com, the distance from Hermosa Garden Hotel & Spa to Bomas of Kenya is 9.1 KM (that is 16 minutes drive) via the Langata road.

Bomas of Kenya was started by the Government of Kenya in 1971 as wholly owned subsidiary of the Tourism Finance Corporation (TFC) the Company was established to Preserve, Maintain and Promote the Rich Diverse cultural values of various ethnic groups of Kenya and to act as a tourist attraction centre thus Bomas of Kenya is expected to preserve the authenticity of the Kenya’s Cultural values and to portray them in the pure form.

With the current growing interest in cultural heritage, growth in cultural tourism has increased a positive worldview of the importance of cultural resources as a tool for creating economic development while preserving cultural resources. As the premier institution in cultural resources preservation and management, Bomas of Kenya is bound to play a bigger role in the development and promotion of cultural tourism in Kenya.

Source: The Bomas of Kenya website

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